NexGen Data Analytics Technology with Advanced Facial Recognition

Personalize the shopping experience of every single customer in your Store.

Step into the Future of Retail

Identify & Approach every customer in a unique & personalized manner, providing un-matched user experience.

Real-Time VIP Alerts

Get instant Mobile Notification whenever a valued customer walks-in or walks by your store & give them a special treatment.

Simplistic User Interface

Extremely easy to use and user friendly application interface. In-built Analytics dashboard with very simple graphical view.

Complete Documentation

Primoface has been extensively documented and is very easy to operate, making it ideal for the staff in your store.

Identify repeat customers and get their shopping history in real-time

PrimoFace helps you identify repeat or high valued customers as soon as they enter your location, just by using a web-cam. It provides with detailed insights about your regular and high spending customers, so you can plan your sales strategy & reward them for their loyalty, each time they shop.

NexGen Customer Analytics

Analyze your sales performance all the way down to an individual customer's basket.

Analyze Customer's Purchase & Visit History

PrimoFace gives a detailed analytics report of customers purchase history & visit frequency, in a graphical representation, so you can make better business decisions using this invaluable customer behavior data.

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Boost Your Sales by Personalizing Customer Approach

Customer data-analytics for in-store shopping has never been this advanced, with PrimoFace retailers can easily analyze sales performance, all the way down to an individual customer's basket. Retailers can use information to develop their audience specific sales strategy & personalize it for every different customer, dramatically boosting their In-Store Sales .

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Get Real-Time Alerts for VIP Customers on multiple devices

PrimoFace sends instant notification to the designated devices in the store whenever it detects valued customers, so you can give them a special & highly personalized treatment, that they rightfully deserve.

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